Workshop: Managing a multi-generational workforce

Image of women of different ages at a women's business meeting in Sydney, September 2012

Communicating across the age groups is vital in the 21st century workplace

This one-day workshopOvercome generational stereotypes to build a more competitive and healthy workforce, will be held in Sydney on Wednesday 1 May 2013. It offers practical skills and tools that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

The workshop will inspire and develop participants’ leadership competencies to look beyond age stereotyping and to communicate more effectively across all age groups within the workplace.

Why is this workshop important?

Currently, people aged 18 to 70+ are working together with mixed results. Many workplaces are:

  • not getting the best from their most talented people across all age groups
  • experiencing loss of productivity and efficiency due to poor understanding about what motivates people from any age group
  • finding high attrition rates across age groups
  • have workers with diminished self-esteem, well-being and motivation.

By learning how to think beyond stereotypes, managers can develop strategies to better manage multi-generations. This results in happier, healthier people; more productive workplaces and less turnover of talented people.  It makes business sense to maximise engagement of all ages.

Who is this for?

Leaders and managers at all levels who are motivated to breakdown the barriers created by age stereotypes and who want to maximise age diversity and retention.

What will you learn?

You will:

  • Explore how the emotional, social and cognitive brain works for all people regardless of age
  • Understand the dangers of age stereotyping
  • Learn 10 neuro-principles for better engaging a multi-generational workforce
  • Understand how to connect with everyone in your organisation using simple ‘brain-based rules and practical techniques’
  • Learn how to create a workplace where individuals from all ages understand and appreciate each other’s value.

About the facilitators

Catherine Davidson is a mediator, facilitator and conflict management consultant. Catherine specialises in dispute resolution and organisational development. A former Director of LEADR (an Australian not-for-profit membership organisation that promotes alternative dispute resolution), Catherine has also served on the New South Wales Law Society Dispute Resolution Committee. Catherine incorporates insights from neuroscience in her dispute resolution practice and applies its methodology for intergenerational conflict in the workplace.

François Bogacz is the co-founder of Neuroawareness Consulting Services. He has worked at Microsoft, Hitachi and Philips. His many achievements include co-founding an Internet strategy consulting company in Paris funded by ABN-AMRO and La Compagnie Financiere Edmond de Rotschild. François is a Post-Graduate in Neuroscience of Leadership, is a Graduate of the Harvard Program on Negotiation, an IMI certified mediator and a De Bono Thinking System Facilitator.

Workshop Registration

Overcome generational stereotypes to build a more competitive and healthy workforce

Sydney, Wednesday 1 May 2013,  9am–5pm

Registration fee

  • $990 including GST before 31 March
  • $1100 including GST after 31 March

Email Catherine Davidson for more information or call 0417 693 982.

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Read more about this workshop on managing people from multi-generations in the workplace.

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