Management & Leadership Workshops

Catherine Davidson designs and conducts public management and leadership workshops as well as inhouse conflict management training.

Professional Development Workshop: Overcome generational stereotypes to build a more competitive and healthy workforce

Sydney Australia

Wednesday 1 May 2012, 9am–5pm

Registration fee

$990 including GST before 31 March
$1100 including GST after 31 March

Find out more about this workshop that will help your organisation build pathways to a successful, innovative, healthy workplace that brings out the best in all age groups.

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Register for this one-day workshop about the benefits of overcoming stereotyping in the workplace

Call Catherine Davidson for more information: 0417 693 982

Limited places for this one-day Sydney workshop


Inhouse program: Managing a multi-generational workforce

Do you need  a workshop about how to manage a multi-generational workforce for your key managers and team leaders?

If, so Catherine would love to talk with you about your own in-house workshop.

Workplace management is a critical issue in the 21st century. Getting the best performance out of all your team across the generations is vital to business success and a healthy, engaged workforce.

Contact Catherine about managing a multi-generational workforce or call Catherine on 0417 693 982.


More inhouse workshops and seminars

Performance Management: Building strengths based coaching conversations

  • Bring a strengths-based approach to the annual performance feedback interview. Transforming the opportunity by engaging in a positive and realistic dialogue
  • Understand the Appreciative Inquiry approach
  • Build positive conversations
  • Lots of practical exercises and role plays

Understanding and Managing Workplace Conflict

Catherine’s workshops on understanding and managing workplace conflict are designed for HR Managers and their teams.

  • Understand conflict styles
  • Interest-based negotiation
  • Mapping conflict
  • How to understand emotions
  • How to manage “High conflict people”
  • Develop listening and questioning skills
  • Learn about the art of reframing.
  • How to generate options
  • Find out the costs of unresolved conflict to business
  • Lots of practical exercises and role plays

Benefits of private, inhouse workshops and seminars

  • Allows company-specific concerns to be aired and addressed
  • Means that more senior and middle management can attend
  • Enables more employees from different departments across the organisation to attend and benefit

Consult Catherine about her inhouse conflict, management and leadership workshops.

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