Workplace Mediation

What does a workplace mediator do?

Workplace mediators are often brought in to facilitate a successful outcome in a dispute between two or more people within an organisation.

Importantly, the workplace mediator is an independent facilitate as an independent third party who can bring an impartial and professional perspective to resolve the conflict.

Resolving workplace disputes effectively can mean higher productivity from your team, higher retention of valuable staff, improved workplace morale and better efficiency.

Professional, experienced workplace mediator

Catherine Davidson has extensive experience in workplace mediation. Her professional qualifications as a lawyer, her work in the communications sector and understanding of the mediation process has seen Catherine successful resolve issues in which she has mediated.

Catherine brings excellent communication skills and an ability to work through the process in a professional and outcomes focused manner, knowledge of the legal issues surrounding disputes, a logical mind and analytical skills.

Catherine’s extensive knowledge of evidence-based mediation skills and awareness of how individuals respond in conflict situations has proven to be beneficial in workplace dispute resolution.

If you need the skills of an experienced workplace mediator, contact Catherine Davidson for a confidential discussion.


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