Service Areas


  • Commercial mediator
  • Workplace mediator
  • Court referred mediator


Consults as the neutral third party managing and improving meetings.

Assisting the group to define objectives, assess their needs and provide processes to maximise high quality outcomes.

Conflict Management Consulting

Employment disputes and conflict management training

Coaching and Training

Designs and conducts inhouse leadership and management training

Consults as coach to organisations that train and accredit mediators

Professional Development Workshop Sydney

The workshop, Overcome generational stereotypes to build a more competitive and healthy workforce, draws on neuroscience and behavioural psychology to provide practical skills and tools that can immediately apply at work.

What the one day professional development workshop can do for you

  • Explore how negative age stereotyping affects health and productivity
  • Understand the key differences between younger and older brains
  • Learn what is similar about the brain across age groups
  • Apply 10 neuro principles to neutralise the difference and maximize similarity
  • Learn practical collaborative techniques to improve communication

Feedback from the July 2012 workshop in San Diego

“The Neuroawareness workshop was interesting, sincere and eye opening. The material is credible and diverse. Take this workshop for your own sake”
Marjan Musher – Project Manager at San Diego Gas and Electric.


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