Nationally accredited by LEADR and a member of several dispute resolution panels, Catherine mediates a variety of disputes including complex, commercial and court referred cases.

Her mediation practice includes workplace and employment related disputes.

Commercial Mediation

  • Banking: default on various loan agreements, mistaken discharge of mortgage including unjust enrichment, action under terms of guarantee
  • Construction: Performance of contract including quality of work, disputes over variations to contract (residential buildings), also property (landlord and lessee), rent arrears, dilapidation and property management
  • Contractual: Breach of service agreement; breach of contract of engagement (research capacity); Breach of Director’s duties – improper use of information obtained while Director. Breach of Retainer Agreement
  • Health: Patient’s family issues with hospital care including alleged improper conduct by health carer to quadraplegic patient including sexual harassment
  • Insurance: Insurance claim – loss of business income caused by fire; Professional negligence; Personal injury claim – partial disablement
  • Intellectual Property/ patent: Wrongful use of Company’s Intellectual Property (IP) by a Director, breach of terms of license to use; whether or not product was patentable. Levels of contribution to development and entitlement to profits.
  • Partnership: Valuation of contribution and income entitlement; value of interest in partnership and contribution
  • Negligence: Various claims against solicitors including failure to advise on loan risk; failure to advise likely outcome in Family Law proceedings
  • Property: Lessor/lessee disputes commercial and residential property.
  • Sale of Business: Dispute over appropriate method of valuation of segment of business to be sold to subsidiary company within group of companies; ongoing entitlement to profit after sale
  • Testamentary Disputes: Various disputes between family members over entitlement to estate (Family Provision Act) issues including large subdividable rural land holdings, valuation of property and permanent disability

Workplace Mediation

  • Workplace/employment: various disputes in public and private sector including large and small companies and professional services firms
  • Harassment and bullying between staff and manager; Complaint and subsequent investigation into sexual harassment between staff and staff; management and staff; Communication difficulties between manager and staff member including expectations and performance management; chronic absenteeism; organisational conflict concerning knowledge sharing and team-building capacity; facilitation of termination of employment discussions
  • Mediation following investigation of various complaints as part of recommendation to return to work.

General Mediation

  • Relationship Property settlements: Various settlements relating to the distribution of property after marriage separation


  • Commercially focused meetings for executive management
  • Relationship issues including those confronting management and executive teams
  • Performance Management relating to professional services in public and private sectors
  • Sexual Harassment in the workplace and in provision of professional services
  • Bullying in workplace
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Business partnership conflict
  • Termination of employment

Coaching and Training

LEADR (Leading Edge Alternative Dispute Resolution) Lead Coach and Coach for large number Leadr Mediation training workshops and in-house ADR training programs
The Trillium Group Coaches for Trillium ADR Workshop and Advanced Negotiation Training Program

  • Conducted Conflict Resolution Training workshops for Mission Australia
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