It’s all about the mix…

19th May, 2014

Read Catherine’s perspective published in HR Monthly, May 2014, “The generation game: there’s much to be gained from having a mix of BB, X, Y and Z in your workplace.”

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Catherine Davidson asks, do you have the right age mix?

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Catherine Davidson talks to Carson Scott on Sky Business

18th September, 2012

Catherine Davidson talks with Carson Scott on Sky Business about the importance of overcoming generation-based stereotyping in the context of an aging workforce.

“This is a massive shift and change in breaking down the myths and misconceptions” says Carson Scott.

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HR Daily article on the problems of stereotyping people by their age

12th September, 2012

A recent HR Daily article acknowledges age stereotyping as a signficant issue. How to overcome this will be addressed in an upcoming workshop conducted by Catherine Davidson and international speaker on the subject, François Bogacz. “Don’t reinforce generational stereotypes – overcome them for a healthier and more productive workplace.”

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