Managing a multi-generational workforce: about the workshop

7th September, 2012

Overcome generational stereotypes to build a more competitive and healthy workforce – this upcoming workshop in Sydney on Wednesday 1 May 2013 will explore how to get the best out of your employees of all ages. It will look at generational stereotyping and just how detrimental this can be to your workforce and business.

Generational stereotypes are alive and doing damage

In the context of an aging population and economic uncertainty, managing a multi-generational workplace is challenging. Generational stereotypes have become obstacles; they’ve developed into negative age stereotypes. It’s critical for businesses in the 21st century to think beyond stereotypes. The workshop will demonstrate how age stereotyping impacts negatively on productivity and health. More importantly the workshop will show how to go beyond it.

Why do we need to think beyond generational stereotyping?

Currently, people aged between 18 and 70 (and older) are working together in a complex and uncertain environment. While there is no consensus within the scientific community about differences between age groups, we tend to view people through a generational lens – stereotyping their attitudes, expectations and behaviours. The result creates tensions and conflicts in the workplace.

Getting the best from your multi-generational workforce

Overcome generational stereotypes to build a more competitive and healthy workforceseeks to increase awareness of real brain differences across age groups and also heightens understanding of strong similarities enabling more “age-neutral thinking”.

At the workshop, attendees will learn 10 neuro-principles that breakdown age stereotyping barriers and develop healthy channels for communication including handling difficult emotions.

Is this multi-generational workshop for me?

Anyone who is a leader or manager in any workplace is welcome to attend the program. The one-day workshop is guaranteed to challenge the way you think about age groups – based on brain science. Be a part of the future which embraces all people with talent, no matter what their age.

Where and when?

The one-day workshop is on Wednesday 1 May 2013 in the Sydney CBD, 9am–5pm.

Registration fee

$990 including GST before 31 March

$1100 including GST after 31 March

Register for this one-day workshop

For more information about this workshop, contact Catherine Davidson by email or call 0417 693 982.

Read more about this professional development workshop: Overcome generational stereotypes to build a more competitive and healthy workforce.




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