HR Daily article on the problems of stereotyping people by their age

12th September, 2012
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To effectively manage a multi-generational workplace, managers must think beyond stereotypes

A recent article in the HR Daily, Don’t reinforce generational stereotypes – overcome them, uncovers the reality of generational stereotyping and the damaging consequences it has to workplace health and productivity.

Catherine Davidson outlines the need to address generational stereotyping to overcome entrenched biases and to better manage the multi-generational workplace.

Generational similarities v differences?

The article introduces the idea of focusing on generation similarities rather than differences. When we look at age-related brain similarities such as how we use patterns and what motivates us, we understand that there are core drivers which operate regardless of age. Also once brain differences across age groups such as risk-taking and emotional regulation are understood, we can appreciate their value in the workplace.

Why  “age-neutral thinking”?

Understanding 10 neuro-principles about our brain function builds awareness of the similarities – currently overlooked by stereotypical thinking. These principles grow the capacity for “age-neutral thinking“ in the workplace, and help to build workplace diversity.

Understanding that inter-generational tensions are often driven by stereotypical attitudes, we can rebuild and develop a more productive understanding of the way generations can work together. This leads to greater engagement, collaboration and innovation in the workplace.

Managing a multi-generational workplace – thinking beyond stereotypes

A workshop for HR, Learning and Development and other managers and leaders keen to move beyond age stereotypes will be held in the Sydney CBD on 1 May 2013.

What will I learn?

  • Understand the dangers of stereotyping
  • Identify the key differences between younger and older brains
  • Appreciate other influences on the brain including context and culture
  • Learn 10 neuro-principles for better engaging a multi-generational workplace
  • Match powerful collaborative techniques with the neuro-principles

Download the PDF, Overcome generational stereotypes to build a more competitive and healthy workforce

More about the workshop

1 May 2013, Sydney CBD (venue tba), 9am–5pm

Read more about the workshop and how you can benefit

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