Press Release: Overcoming generation-based stereotyping in the workforce

7th September, 2012

Do you think that your Gen X workers are slower thinkers than those from Gen Y because they are too old or less technologically literate? Then think again: the way the brain works is not that simple.

Overcoming generation-based stereotyping leads to more productive and healthy workforce

Image of multi-generational workforce

To effectively manage a multi-generational workplace, managers must think beyond stereotypes

Contrary to popular perception, research by Neuroawareness into eight key behaviours including attention, decision-making, memory and emotional regulation has identified remarkable similarities across generations, challenging the validity of stereotyping staff behaviours based on when they were born.

Catherine Davidson, Neuroawareness consultant and facilitator, said:

“It is common for people to stereotype behaviours according to embedded generational attitudes, which creates tension and lack of synergy, limiting our ability to engage, collaborate and innovate.

“Moving away from generation-based stereotypes enables leaders to enhance team talent.

“This comes from appreciating that other external influences on the brain including context and culture are also vital,” Ms Davidson said.

Importantly, a US study showed that thinking about yourself or others based on negative generation-based stereotypes can also double the chance of a cardiovascular event after the age of 60 for individuals aged 18–39 years.

In response to these findings Neuroawareness has developed a workshop Managing a multi-generational workforce – thinking beyond stereotypes to promote alternative ways of thinking and help businesses overcome intergenerational differences and capitalise on similarities.

The workshop is designed to inspire and rewire participant’s leadership competencies by exploring the importance of strategies and emotions, including collaboration and empathy, in overcoming barriers to communication across age groups.

Francois Bogacz, co-founder and CEO at Neuroawareness said; “We teach ten “neuro-principles” for better engaging a multigenerational workplace across seven typical work life stages. In a one-day workshop we match these principles with powerful practical techniques to help bridge the gaps.”

The workshop was first launched in July this year in San Diego hosted by national healthcare provider, AMN Healthcare, and was welcomed and embraced by participants.

“The Neuroawareness workshop was interesting, sincere and eye opening. The material is credible and diverse. Take this workshop for your own sake,” said Marjan Musher, Program Associate for the Gary and Mary West Foundation and MBA student at the Rady School of Management UC San Diego.



About the workshop

Two-day public workshops

Managing a multigenerational workforce – thinking beyond stereotypes

To be held in the Sydney CBD

Wednesday 24 October 2012 and Thursday 25 October 2012

About Catherine Davidson

Catherine Davidson is Director of Catherine Davidson Mediation Services helping individuals and organisations resolve conflict and disputes.

She practices as a Mediator, Facilitator and Conflict Management Consultant in Australia and internationally. Passionate about building an organisation’s capacity to engage with difference, she most enjoys working proactively, passing on the skills that enable individuals to talk openly and use difference to its greatest potential.

Catherine Davidson incorporates insights from neuroscience in her dispute resolution practice and is particularly interested in its application to intergenerational conflict. She is also a Consultant to Neuroawareness Consulting Services Inc and co-writer of Managing a multigenerational workforce – thinking beyond stereotypes.

With a background in law and communication, Catherine practices in both the private and public sectors and has mediated in Australia, England and Ireland.

About Francois Bogacz

Francois Bogacz is the co-founder and CEO of Neuroawareness Consulting Services Inc. He has worked at Microsoft, Hitachi and Philips. Among his achievements, Francois Bogacz launched Microsoft Windows and Office in France, created and managed the Internet portal activity of Microsoft, MSN in France, and co-founded an Internet strategy consulting company in Paris, funded by ABN-AMRO and La Compagnie Financiere Edmond de Rotschild.

Francois Bogacz has completed a Post-Graduate in Neuroscience of Leadership, is a Graduate of the Harvard Program On Negotiation, an IMI certified mediator and a De Bono Thinking Systems Facilitator.

Media Contact

Catherine Davidson

+61 417 693 982  (02) 9969 3001

High-resolution images and interviews are available on request.

Catherine Davidson is available for phone interviews on request.

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