Age shall not weary them – mediating age issues with brain power

19th May, 2014
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Catherine’s NMC presentation looks at brain responses that influence motivation, collaboration and performance.


Hear Catherine present at The National Mediation Conference Pathway to Resolution: The Challenge of Diversity on Wednesday 10 September 2014.

Workplace disputes often centre on perceptions and beliefs about age and generational behaviours that are rife in the workplace. When these beliefs play out at the mediation table what can we do with them as mediators? How do we help parties recognise and deconstruct perceptions and myths about age and behaviours to better understand each other?

Based on a meta analysis of Neuroscience and Psychology, the presentation will look at brain responses that influence motivation, collaboration and performance – three typical themes of workplace disputes. Understanding this research helps mediators unpack age related tensions and perceptions and so give parties the opportunity to do something constructive with the working relationship as part of the mediation process.

See the NMC Conference program here >>


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